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New construction, maintenance, storm damage, fiber, copper or coax, Northwest Utilities Illinois is equipped to handle the gamut of aerial activity. Placing poles, setting anchors ,strand, lashing and slack loops to your specifications including RUS, we can safely complete your overhead construction project.

Underground Services:
We feature a range of services in underground construction.  At Northwest Utilities Illinois the innovative techniques and technology applied will guarantee high quality on the job.  Our top priority is attaining positive customer responsiveness, to achieve this we must have the most sophisticated equipment to get the job done.  Having experienced and skilled operators ensure that the job will be of top quality without sacrificing efficiency.

Cable/ Conduit Placement:
As with any utility contractor involved with underground placement, it is imperative to be experienced in both fiber optic and power.  At Northwest Utilities Illinois we offer a variety of options which include types of conduit (thickness, size, etc.) and cable whether it be direct-bury or any other form.

Rock Trenching:
Our crews are seasoned in working, innerduct installations and electrical line installations.  We provide custom trenching when versatility is needed working in close proximity to existing utilities and roadways. 

Directional Drilling:

Directional drilling or boring is an area Northwest Utilities Illinois excels greatly in.  As the demand for underground utilities becomes prevalent, the need for directional drills rises.  We have an extensive line of directional drills that can tackle any terrain and difficulty.  Our directional drills are also operated by the most experienced operators in the industry making Northwest Utilities Illinois the most efficient and qualified for the job. 

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